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Write a 3 sentence description (no more than 70 words), using sentences that begin with active verbs, that distills what the session will cover and what attendees can expect to learn. This description will be used for the conference program and should address the objectives, content, and ways participants may use the information.

List 3-4 intended outcomes that describe what participants will know, be able to do, and how they might apply the knowledge as a result of attending the session.
(Do not exceed 200 words.)

Learning Forward has updated the conference areas of focus to reflect and align with revised Standards for Professional Learning, which will be officially released in April 2022.

Select up to two:

Select no more than 3 topics addressed in your session:

TIME: How much time for each part of your presentation?
CONTENT: What content will be addressed?
PROCESS: How will participants experience the content?
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What best practices and whose research have informed your work? Provide specific data (citations, annotations).
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Which evidence type best describes the impact of this work? Choose 1 and explain.

Describe the impact of this work.

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Other Info

Have you submitted a proposal to present at previous Learning Forward conference? If so, indicate below the conferences at which you were a presenter?

St. Louis

Include links YouTube/Vimeo/TED Talk videos. Write "none" if not available.

Include links to your website. Write "none" if not available.

Learning Forward will host a conference in December 2021. We hope it will be in-person at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in Aurora, Colorado.

Please let us know what ways you are willing to present your content.


Statement of Intent

If this proposal is accepted, I / my co-presenters and I agree to register for the conference by September 30, 2022 for at least the day of my/our presentation.

I agree to cite all appropriate sources and get permission with regard to the materials used in the session, and I agree to adhere to Learning Forward's policy prohibiting commercialism in presentations.

Further, I understand that if this proposal is accepted, I will be responsible for notifying my co-presenters regarding the status of the proposal and the date, time and location of the presentation.

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